Tips for Choosing the Best Memory Foam Mattresses

Due to the fact that memory foam mattresses contour the body and provide excellent support and comfort, they tend to grow in popularity at Mattress Cinco Ranch.Knowing what you should look for in a memory foam mattress before you buy is very important. Below are some of the important things which you will need to consider.

  1. Ask about the density of the foam

There is a misconception that density is what dictates how the foam feels. Foam density has more to do with how durable the mattress will be. A foam mattress which is 5 pound per cubic feet will tend to last longer than that which is 3 lbs by an average of about 5 years.  Most of the high-end foam mattress you will find at mattress Cinco Ranchhave a 5 lbs and above in terms of density.


You should be aware that, there are some mattress companies which boast that their mattresses are 5lbs plus in density yet they don’t specify that the density is only in the first inch of the mattress. Be on the lookout before you settle for one.

  1. Know the mattress mmHg

The mmHg of a memory foam mattress that you purchase at mattress Cinco Ranchrefers to how comfortable the mattress turns to be.  It is the unit of measurement which is normally used to determine the reaction of a mattress to pressure.

According to healthcare industry pressure relieving is achieved with a mattress which has an mmHg of 32 or lower.  When there is more pressure relief, it equals less pressure points and thus, less tossing and turning which should be the main goal of a mattress.

  1. Know the ILD

The ILD of a mattress, indentation load deflection ranges from 6 to 40. Most of the foam mattress that you will find at mattress Cinco Ranchrate between 10 to 16 ILD. Most of the  high-quality memory foam mattresses utilize various layers with each having a different mmHg. This in the process, enhances the comfort of a mattress due to the way the layers work together.

  1. Where the mattress was manufactured

Components for mattresses are normally imported from other countries such as China and then assembled in the USA or Canada.  Many manufacturing companies might claim that their products are made in the USA or Canada when in reality, those are just countries where the assembling was done.