What is Rmr-86 mold stain removal?

In the past mold spots were eliminated by old-fashioned strategies that were really time consuming and pricey. Some instances of these strategies are solidified carbon dioxide blasting or cord brush and sanding. These strategies would take a lot of time to finish the task and also thus set you back a bundle in labor expenses. Currently the modern-day most current mold stain elimination methods are chemical based strategies that can reduce HUGE amounts of labor expenses as a service provider and also enable you to do more tasks in much less time! Of course! Inevitably, that implies you are making a great deal even more cash per task!

Easy Cleaning

There are two types of chemical mold stain removal techniques:

Peroxide base solutions slow vs rmr-86 fast:

When the peroxide based items approach came onto the scene, it was a HUGE jump ahead for the sector compared to dry ice and fining sand methods. Business like Consortium, Serum, Fiber lock and Sporicidin all have peroxide kind items on the market. Currently, peroxide based remedies are taken into consideration old school strategies contrasted to Rmr-86 solution. Why waste your time with slow-moving products like peroxide based name brand names when you can make use of RMR-86 that works in secs.

Rmr-86 top vs leading peroxide bottom:

This is raw, unedited video footage of RMR-86 vs The Leading Peroxide based solution. The RMR-86 was being applied with our electric sprayer.

Leading peroxide left vs rmr-86 right:

This is raw, unedited footage of RMR-86 vs The Leading Peroxide based solution in a head to head challenge. The RMR-86 was being applied with our electric sprayer once again in this video clip.

Item characteristics:

  • RMR‐86 is a ready‐to‐use product; dilution is NOT needed.
  • RMR‐86 covers between 200‐300 square feet per gallon. This can differ based upon the severity of the affected location, and how liberally the product is applied.
  • RMR‐86 works best when applied to completely dry surface areas at temperatures around space temperature. Frozen surfaces may be less responsive to the item. RMR‐86 may not be able to pass through the specific structure product affected if excess dampness content exists.
  • RMR‐86 can be harsh if put on the list below materials: duct, copper, metal, mechanicals, nail plates, steel, light weight aluminum, or any kind of materials susceptible to corrosion. If RMR‐86 is accidently applied to these materials, rapidly wash location with soap and also water and also clean down with WD‐40.
  • Do not apply RMR‐86 to textiles.
  • Always pre‐test surface areas before utilizing our products.
  • Always rinse off surface, when using RMR‐86 by itself.