How to consider the Law of Attraction?

First, some background am a Christian, two things tend to happen when  speak about the law of attraction – possibly, yes, great – law of attraction works for and is suitable for Christians, and then another response is how can you believe in the law of attraction – God supplies all, so you do not need it. Naturally, there are a number of different responses, but I think most of these are permutations on one of the two above thoughts. Am going to attempt to be clear here on both counts, and of course explain why starting to discount the law of attraction. For those of you that Think should not meddle with the law of attraction as a Christian request you will suspend criticism till you have read this. Remember – as a Christian YOU think things other Christians think you should not. Even though there is one God – and one Word, you and both know that lots of Christians respectfully disagree on several topics.

First of all, to get a Long time have thought the concept that when you think something powerful enough, and you put the work into it to make it happen, broadly , you can get  what you believe. That is without the Law of attraction as a directing force, which is without consideration of the Word of God – though the Bible is obviously clear thetas a man thicket, so is he and ask and ye shall receive And of course that is Consistent with the law of attraction and the Word of God, not only does this work for me – but it moves both litmus tests. Which allowed me morally to adopt it, not only because thought it worked, but in addition it lined up with both teachings Of course where Christians create a problem with the law of attraction is anytime that the train of thought or logic goes to the realm of mysticism oar Source god rather than the One God, etc

But simply Interpreted the law of attraction for me as being something of a principle, or law, like a physics law, which easy worked – God made it, we called it but it works. My perception was that God Made it, it works – and it works for everybody, Christian or not – NOT because there is a Source god, but since the One God made a law –  like if the heathens prayed for rain, sometimes it succeeds, they delegated the origin of the rain for their rain god, since they had prayed for rain. Now, the thing I have been seeing lately is a good deal of remarks about the law of attraction does not work for me. And obviously one common response is you are not believing strongly enough and then on another End of this spectrum is individuals that are radically effective – but do not practice the law of attraction